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Logistics timeliness

Logistics policy

Before ordering, please read the following important shipping information regarding holiday delays and service reminders.

For holidays and any destinations affected by service alerts or international delays, please allow an additional 7-14 business days to receive your order. Note that all delays listed may not cover all issues affecting your destination country. Please expect delays in the holiday season. We recommend that you check the service alerts of your local courier companies, even those not listed below, for more up-to-date information on their services. If you still do not receive your order after this additional time, please feel free to email support@galacase.com for assistance. We are open 24/7, thank you for your continued patience.


We typically package orders for shipping within 1-4 business days, depending on the number of business hours (EST) our fulfillment centers are operating on. Any orders placed after business hours on Friday or over the weekend will ship the following Monday.

If your item is in stock and ready to ship, there will be a 24 hour delay between when your order ships and when tracking details are emailed to you. From there, standard shipping will take place. If you have not received a shipping notification, please check directly on the product page on our website for any backorder notifications and shipping estimates, as this will share the latest information on the status of your order.

The package you ordered will be shipped in Hong Kong/Japan. The following is the logistics time limit for each country/region.

North American countries/regions

United States 10-13 working days
U.S. remote areas 13-15 working days
Canada 14-16 working days
Mexico 16-18 working days

European countries/regions

Italy 9-11 working days
France 10-12 working days
UK 6-8 working days
Germany 9-11 working days
Netherlands 9-11 working days
Belgium 9-10 working days
Switzerland 12-14 working days
Austria 9-11 working days
Ireland 13-15 working days
Denmark 8-10 working days
Norway 10-12 working days
Sweden 7-9 working days
Finland 11-13 working days
Spain 11-13 working days
Portugal 9-11 working days
Greece 15-17 working days
Poland 15-17 working days
Estonia 10-13 working days
Latvia 11-14 working days
Lithuania 11-13 working days
Czech Republic 14-16 working days
Hungary 10-12 working days
Slovakia 6-8 working days
Romania 15-17 working days
Bulgaria 11-13 working days
Slovenia 9-11 working days
Malta 17 working days
Luxembourg 6 working days
Guernsey 6-8 working days

Asia countries/regions

China 8-10 working days
Thailand 7-9 working days
Japan 12-14 working days
Taiwan, China 5-7 working days
Singapore 6-8 working days
Philippines 6-8 working days
Malaysia 10 working days
Saudi Arabia 8-10 working days
United Arab Emirates 10-12 working days
Sri Lanka 23 working days

Australia countries/regions

Australia 13 working days
New Zealand 21 working days

When you receive the tracking code, you can view your order information on the website below (If you can’t find your order on one of the websites, please check on the other website).

Logistics query A: https://www.trackingmore.com/4px-tracking.html?number=

Logistics query B: https://www.17track.net/en

If you can’t find the delivery time for your country/region, or if you have other questions, please contact us. support@galacase.com