Our Stand-Out Galaxy Z Fold3/4 Phone Cases

Our Stand-Out Galaxy Z Fold3/4 Phone Cases

Major Update

The idea of foldable smartphones has its fair share of proponents and detractors, with the latter mostly complaining about their high prices and alleged fragility. Samsung has taken major steps over the past few years to address these issues, starting with adding official IP water resistance ratings to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 while reducing the launch price of both devices. This year, Samsung further refined the fourth-generation Fold and Flip, and the result is two fantastic mainstream foldables that prove that foldables aren't just fads — they're really the future of the mobile form factor.
Galaxy Z Fold 4 has absorbed all the advantages of Galaxy Z Fold 2 and 3, and further refined and improved it. The changes this year are small but crucial. One of the first things Samsung did was shave a few millimeters off the somewhat bulky hinge so that it doesn't protrude as much from the side anymore when it's folded. Samsung then leaves those few millimeters for the display so the Fold 4 can offer a bigger screen without increasing its physical size. This size increase is mostly horizontal, giving the Fold 4's outer "Cover Display" more room to breathe than the narrower screens of years past. That sounds small -- but the difference is noticeable. Typing on the Fold 4's external screen is better than ever.

This increase in external screen size carries over to the main screen as well — it's also wider and roomier than before. Samsung has also shaved a few more grams off the overall weight. At 254 grams, it's the third lightest foldable phone with an inner fold on the market, behind Xiaomi's Mix Fold 2 and Oppo Find N2.

Samsung also made some important camera upgrades to the Fold 4. Last year's Fold 3 used a dated camera system that fell far short of flagship territory. This year, the Fold 4 upgrades to the same system as the non-Ultra Galaxy S22, with a 50MP main camera and a large (foldable) 1/1.56-inch image sensor, and a better 3x telephoto zoom lens than the mediocre zoom in previous Folds lens. While this camera system still isn't the absolute best of the best -- it's close enough that they could be called flagship sensors.

The Fold 4 also brings back all the great features of the previous Fold, including a sturdy hinge that stays in place during folding (Samsung calls it "flexible mode"), as well as IPX8 water resistance and S-Pen support.

Flex mode essentially allows the Fold 4 to stand on its own and take photos or videos with the selfie or main camera without the need for a tripod or other props. I use it for hands-free video calls, to film myself at the gym, and to capture time-lapse photography on a whim. It's a neat design indeed, and a feature I miss when using other competing foldables.

As Samsung keeps outputting, that means we're also hard at work making custom Galaxy Z Fold 3/4 cases. From our Z Fold 3 cases to our Z Fold 4 cases. Here's Galacase's exceptional Fold range of protection.

Ultra-thin Magnetic Phone Case - Our Flagship Galaxy Z Fold 4 Case

Our first magnetic phone case for the Z Fold, in more fun protection. It's made of extremely strong material to resist twisting and has an anti-bacterial anti-fingerprint coating. And provide tempered glass on the front screen for additional 360° protection. Its added camera bump also makes it an effective Z Fold case. It has 6 perfectly positioned magnets inside, making it completely suction mounted and won't fall off easily. Fully Compatible with Your Z Fold3/4 - Cases and accessories from the Galacase Z Fold collection at your fingertips. This Z Fold3/4 case is not only extremely protective and infinitely functional, but also stylish. Available in a variety of unique colors, it is a great choice for Z Fold3/4 aesthetic cases.

Braided Leather Phone Cases - Our Handcrafted Cases

If you want a more elegant and retro case, we'd recommend the second Galaxy Z Fold 4 case. Vintage luxury BV leather weaving (handmade in Italy). It requires skilled craftsmen and 128 hours to complete 21 complicated processes. Simple but not simple. Open the honeycomb vents. While suspending and breathable, it relieves the toughness of the leather material, making the phone case "both soft and hard", thus creating a more delicate feel, and it can also provide tempered glass for the front screen to provide additional 360° protection. Even better if you own an S Pen because it has an easy-to-remove stand. You will be able to change your storage method at any time.

Liquid Silicone - Our Z Fold3/4 Classic Protective Phone Case

Designed with a rigid structure to prevent twisting. Silicone, made from Brazilian natural rubber, is 30% more elastic than the previous generation, reducing bumps and damage to phone objects. So highly protective. Paired with front tempered glass for 360° protection, this is an impressive case. It's also available in a variety of different colors, so be sure to pick your favorite.

You can shop our full line of Z Fold3/4 cases and our extensive range of Z Fold3/4 accessories here.

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